Walking Tour of the Hague

Touring the Hague took place on the penultimate day of the trip. The Hague is a very parliamentary city, also being the third largest city in the Netherlands. It could be said that it is the equivalent of Ottawa for the Netherlands. We toured Chinatown, which just like Amsterdam, used to be the Jewish neighbourhood. When the Jews were taken away, the neighbourhood deteriorated, and was finally overtaken by the Chinese immigrants. I noticed that it was quite a culturally accepting and welcoming city – several hijab stores were along busy shopping streets. It is a great city for shopping, especially along High Street (Hoogstraat) and within The Passage. The shopping experience in the Passage was ultra European which made it very enjoyable for myself. Other sites seen were Ridderzaal, Noordeinde Palace, and The Hague City Hall. One day in the Hague was enough for me however, as Amsterdam and Rotterdam greater appealed to from a tourist’s perspective.

Image Source: http://imolabynoemiimola.tumblr.com/post/140819127026/equestrian-statue-in-front-of-paleis-noordeinde


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